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General Information And Application Of 316/316L Coil

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We Manufacture Stainless Steel Coils From Optimum Quality Stainless Steel In Accordance With International Standards. We Have Earned Huge Accolades From Clients For Offering The Best Stainless Steel Coils Possessing No Other Alternative In The Entire Global Market.

Type 316/316L Has A Higher Nickel Content (10% Min) Than 304 (8% Min) And Offers Superior Corrosion Resistance. The 316L Version Of The Alloy Has Less Carbon To Promote Resistance To Intergranular Attack After Welding Has Taken Place. Type 316/316L Is Often Used In Marine Environments, Aerospace And Chemical Applications Including Fuel Cells. It Is Available In Both Coil And SHEET Form.

316 / 316L Stainless Steel Plate?Provides More Effective Corrosion And Pitting Protection Than 304 Stainless Steel Due To Increased Levels Of Molybdenum And Nickel In The Alloy.

316L Stainless Steel Magnetic Properties:

316L Rolled Coil Stainless Steel Is A Non-Magnetic Alloy That Cannot Be Hardened By Heat Treatment.

316L Forming Ability:

Like Most Austenitic Steels, Type 316L Can Be Formed Into Most Shapes. Re-Annealing Is Recommended Before Each Cold-Forming Operation.

316 / 316L Coil & Plate?Is Used To Manufacture Products For Applications That Are Exposed To Salt Water, Acids Such As Sulfuric Acid And Chloride, Petrochemicals And Chemicals And High-Heat Such As Engines And Motors. Products Include Tanks, Supports And Frames, Enclosures And Housings, Engine, Motor And Machinery Components And Parts.

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